Witgeld.nl Insurances

Witgeld.nl is a financial services provider that has developed a number of insurance policies itself. The company is known for the fact that it offers cheap and reliable insurance for, for example, insuring the car. The reason that Witgeld.nl is so cheaper than other insurers is because they do not receive a continuous commission. They receive a compensation for insurance only once and therefore do not earn an insurance on a monthly basis. As a result, the costs for you as a customer are much lower when you consider taking out insurance with Witgeld.

As the picture below shows, the website is clearly and clearly set up. This also fits with the slogan of Witgeld.nl. They want you as a customer to get insurance as easily as possible without a lot of fuss. In addition, they also want to offer you a fair premium for the insurance. Making money as much as possible is not with this service provider, according to the information on the website.

Homepage Witgeld.nl

To insure your oldtimer, you can also contact Witgeld.nl. They have attractive conditions and premiums. It is difficult to give an estimate of this. The best you can see yourself on the website what an old-timer insurance would cost your oldtimer. The main distinguishing points of an insurance policy at Witgeld.nl are the following:

  • Choice of WA, WA + or Allrisk coverage
  • No deductible
  • No notice period
  • No small print
  • Registered with RDW
  • After 5 years of damage free 80% discount
  • Unlimited number of kilometers of driving per year
  • Breakdown assistance abroad

These benefits also apply to insuring an old-timer! So you do not have a limited number of kilometers and you can drive as much as you want. This is something that not many other insurers offer yet. As already mentioned there is nothing to say about the monthly premium, for that you will just have to take a look at the website to see if it might be advantageous to have your oldtimer insured at Witgeld.nl. Click on the link to visit Witgeld.nl: Go to Witgeld.nl >>