Unive old-time insurance

In addition to the regular car insurance, Unive also offers a vintage insurance policy in the form of a “Classic insurance policy “. Here you can afford your oldtimer advantageously against damage or theft. On the website of Unive is unfortunately little further information about the old-timer insurance they offer.

As can be seen on the screenshot below, there is hardly any information on the website about insuring the oldtimer at Unive. They refer you via the site to visit one of the 150 Univewinkel in the Netherlands. Here you can then take out a customized old-timer insurance for your own oldtimer.

Homepage Unive Old-time insurance


What is useful to know is that Unive has a number of conditions to qualify for a old-timer insurance. For example, the old-timer can not be driven more than 5,000 kilometers per year. Furthermore, you can only use the oldtimer for recreational purposes and do not use it during the winter months. Also the driving of races or rallies is not allowed.

For more specific information about old-age insurance at Unive, it is best to download the brochure from the website or, as they also state, contact us.