Oldtimer insurance Auto

An old-timer is a valuable asset that you are very careful with. A good old-timer insurance is also part of this. There are various options for insuring an old-timer.

First of all, it is always possible to have the old-timer insured with every insurance company as a “normal” car. However, this is not recommended because the premium you will pay is the same as that of any other modern car. However, most insurance companies also offer the possibility to take out a special old-age insurance policy. This can be done with a WA Insurance as with, for example, an all-risk insurance policy. The premium of such old-age insurance is often lower than that of regular car insurance. Of course, it depends on the type of oldtimer. Insuring a ferrari oldtimer is once more expensive as an oldtimer like a Volkswagen for example. It is important to note that with a special old-timer insurance policy extra conditions or requirements are set to qualify for such an insurance with an old-timer. This differs somewhat per society, but usually you can encounter the following extra conditions or requirements when insuring an oldtimer:

Minimum age of the oldtimer As can also be read on the page When an Oldtimer , it is regulated by law that an oldtimer must be at least 25 years old to be classified as oldtimer. This age of 25 also applies to most insurers to take out a old-age insurance policy. However, there are also insurance companies which, for example, limit the 15-year limit to insure the car as an old-timer. It can be worthwhile to inquire about this with the insurer.

Maximum number of Kilometers Almost every insurer has a condition for a maximum number of kilometers on an annual basis that can be driven with the oldtimer. You can usually assume that the maximum number of kilometers is around 7,500 to 10,000 per year. Membership FEHAC A membership at the FEHAC, which stands for Federation of Historical Automobile and Motorcycle Clubs, may in some cases be obliged to qualify for an old-age insurance. For other insurers, membership can provide an extra advantage, such as a discount on the premium, as is the case with De Europeesche Verzekeringen.


A condition that is often required is an appraisal report to determine the value of the oldtimer. Sometimes this is not requested, but it is very sensible to give the insurer an up-to-date valuation report. If something happens unexpectedly, you will not receive the daily value but the appraisal value. If you do not do this, chances are you will only get a pittance of the actual value from the insurance.

Use of the oldtimer

Different conditions can also be imposed here. For example, is the old-timer used daily or just recreational? The season in which most of the classic car is used can also have an impact on the premium. The premium can therefore differ if you use the oldtimer more often in the summer months than in winter. The requirements / conditions mentioned above are not always a mandatory requirement to qualify for old-age insurance. However, they can be decisive for the level of the premium.

Rent an oldtimer taxi

It is possible to rent a (London) oldtimer taxi in Belgium and the Netherlands. These costs of the rent vary from oldtimer to oldtimer and are available on the websites of the landlords. Would you like more information about the standard taxi fares of a taxi? You can find these at taxi-cost.com where you can calculate the cost of a taxi for your taxi ride.