Old-timer insurance First Car

To conclude a old-timer insurance, there are a number of important conditions that the old-timer has to meet in order to qualify. For example, you can think of a maximum number of kilometers that can be driven per year. Another important condition to qualify for old-age insurance and where different insurance companies each have different conditions, is a old-car insurance first car. In this article you can find what a vintage car insurance first car exactly and which company a old-time insurance is to close when your oldtimer is also your vehicle.

What does an old-timer insurance take first car?

The term “old-fashion insurance first car” is regularly found with the insurance companies in the conditions. This term means that the old-timer you would like to insure, is also your means of transport for, for example, daily commuting. Furthermore, your oldtimer is the only car that you have in your possession. The term “first car” can in this case of the old-car insurance first car, best be translated as a old-timer insurance for your oldtimer which is also your only car that you own. For example, suppose you have a nice classic Austin Healey oldtimer, which is also the only car. Then you are eligible for the aforementioned regulation.

It is important to be aware of this fact if you would like to take out old-age insurance if the old-timer you own is also the only car. For example, some insurers only insure old-timers if they are used on a recreational basis. You should then have another car next to the oldtimer which you use for daily traffic. Here is the “normal” car the first car and the oldtimer the second car that you own. You can still take out old-age insurance with the relevant insurer, but you will be eligible for a so-called Semi Old-time insurance policy . This is an insurance which is between normal car insurance and old-age insurance.

where can you take out a old-age insurance first car?

At the time of writing (March 2012) there are two insurance companies where you can take out a old-age insurance first car. The first is the insurance company Diks. They offer a special insurance for old-timers, the Diks Oldtimer insurance . Wherever you can insure the oldtimer when this is your only vehicle. For more information about old-age insurance at Diks you can click on the link above.

The second insurance company that also offers a old-car insurance first car is the Gio company. The only condition that Gio sets for the old-age insurance for daily use of the old-timer is a maximum number of kilometers per year of 20,000. For more information about the old-age insurance at Gio you can find on this page: Gio Oldtimer insurance .