Meeus Oldtimer insurance

The insurance company Meeùs also offers old-age insurance in addition to regular car insurance . This allows you to economically insure your oldtimer or classic car against almost all types of damage, of course depending on the coverage you choose. You can easily calculate your premium on the Meeùs website to insure your oldtimer or classic.

In order to qualify for old-age insurance with Meeùs, there are a number of conditions that you will have to meet. We have listed them for you below:

  • First car must also be insured with Meeùs;
  • The oldtimer is used recreationally;
  • Riding up to 7,500 km per year with the old-timer;
  • The oldtimer must be between 15 and 25 years old to qualify for a semi-old-timer insurance ;
  • The oldtimer must be at least 25 years old to qualify for a vintage insurance .

The first thing to note is that the oldtimer can only be used for recreational purposes and not for daily commuting. Furthermore, there should be a second car next to the oldtimer that is used for daily traffic and is also insured at Meeùs. The maximum annual number of kilometers for the oldtimer is 7,500. What is more striking is that there is both a semi-old-timer insurance and an old -timer insurance .

It is possible to insure with Meeùs oldtimers or classics which are at least 15 years old as an oldtimer with this semi-oldtimer insurance. This is far from possible with any insurance company for an oldtimer. The “normal” old-age insurance can be taken out when your old-timer or classic is 25 years or older.

In addition to the aforementioned condition to be eligible for insurance, Meeùs offers its customers a number of options which are standard included in the insurance. First of all, your navigation equipment is insured up to € 500 in the case of the old-fashion insurance of Meeùs with limited and complete hull. This is an advantage that you do not see much with other companies. In addition, in the case of old-age insurance from Meeùs, repatriation to the Netherlands is standard in case of damage or breakdown abroad. Finally, you can already take out a semi-old-timer insurance for cars from 15 years old.