How to make hallway look wider

Use mirrors. credit: Gordon Duffinton. Incorporate cubbies. credit: Decorpad. Illuminate the space.

Paint the walls. Add color to your trim. Incorporate molding. Install recessed shelving. › Best of. 10 tips to make hallways look bigger, tips and tricks bigger hallway, creative ideas hallway, how to decorate an hallway, modern hallway. But when you'll working with small, dull or dark areas, it can get frustrating. Let's take at look at 10 easy ways to make your hallways look bigger. Our hallways are one of the number one spots in our house that we tend to overlook. But, in fact, they'd also the number one spot that can absolutely. - how to make a narrow hallway look wider - Google Search. Paint colors for small hallways home design and decor great small hallway. how to make a hallway look wider. Manon Forget. October 27, mobile home hallway 30 inches wide by 22 feet long with 9 feet very narrow​. Brighten up your hallway with these nifty home interior tricks. A dark, narrow hallway is a decorating challenge and one that needs a well-​thought-out plan. To make it look bigger, it has to be made brighter by using light​. It will visually advance, and the long walls will recede in proportion, making the hall appear wider. If you have pictures on the walls, help reduce contrast and. How to make your hallway feel bigger. Tips and ideas for making your hallway look and feel larger. A beautifully decorated hallway enriched the style of the house making your home more beautiful.