How to make smooth porridge

Is porridge the ultimate winter breakfast, or a gruel best left in the past? Do you prefer yours basic, austere even, or luxurious? Go organic and go chunky – they take longer to cook but it's worth the effort, and it will cook right down into a gorgeous smooth porridge. If you want a very smooth porridge, go for all rolled oats which also cook very quickly. If you like some texture, use jumbo which will take slightly.

A smooth, warm, aromatic hot breakfast will even make adults swoon. When all the oats are absorbed and the mass starts to boil, lower the heat so that it's just. Traditional Cantonese rice porridge (congee) recipe make easy. Silky smooth and creamy; The rice grains are adequately hydrated, burst. Recipe Creamy Smooth Porridge by Hotpinkchick, learn to make this recipe easily in your kitchen machine and discover other Thermomix recipes in Basics. This perfectly creamy porridge, my latest obsession is to create a creamy caramel flavour with my oats. It is so smooth and delicious and really. Bhawana has given a good answer, Quaker rolled oats make a nice porridge, but it's not exactly smooth. For a smooth porridge it's best to use.

This easy recipe for a warming bowl of traditional Scottish porridge is a Instant porridge (frowned on by porridge purists) is often smooth and. Learn how to make silky smooth Asian rice porridge (Congee). It can be done on the stove, rice cooker or Instant Pot. Making your own baby porridge or baby oatmeal is super easy and a much cheaper way to feed a weaning baby than the packaged variety. Whether you prefer Traditional or Quick, it's easy to cook the perfect bowl of porridge with Uncle Tobys® Oats. Good old wholesome soft porridge, just like mom taught me. Mix your maize meal in a separate dish with cold water making a smooth but firm mixture. Porridge used to be a pauper's food – now we can't get enough of it. But should we make it with milk or water, salt or sugar. Or snails? Porridge is a filling breakfast that will power you through the day. And, at under Repeat if necessary until it boils and thickens, and becomes smooth and creamy. Make this the night before so you can get out the door fast in the morning. Who doesn't love porridge - tastes great and longer lasting energy. Top with delicious Toppings: Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar, Chelsea Dark Cane Sugar or Chelsea Easy Pour Golden Syrup Repeat if necessary until smooth and creamy. You can also make this dish with a rice cooker or in the microwave. Keep stirring until the porridge is gelatinous and smooth. As the broth or. I am passionate about porridge. I eat it every day and it is the king of breakfasts. It is also a malleable breakfast. It's convenient. If your office or.