How long to drive 60 miles at 40 mph

1 and a half hours. How long will it take to drive 60 miles at 40 miles per hour. Rene is going to the lake. If the lake is 60 miles away and Rene is driving at 4o miles. › speed-distance-time-calculator.

Please enter the speed and distance values to calculate the travel time in hours, Speed: 40 kilometer per hour (km/h) Distance: 60 miles Time = Distance How far will an object travel if its speed is , mph in 7 hours and 20 minutes? Best Answer. #1. avatar + +5. Remember that: (Distance) / (Rate) = Time . therefore .. (60 miles) / (40 mph) = hrs. CPhill Sep 3. Rene is going on a trip to the lake which is 60 miles away. If she is driving 40 miles per hour the entire time, how long will it take her to get to the. miles. How long does the journey take? of 8 mph. If he cycles for 6½ hours, how far does he travel? Janet has 60 miles to travel and drives at 40 mph. Question Jane has to drive 60 miles to her parents. How long will the journey take if she drives at: a) 40 mph b) 50 mph c) 60 mph? Answer by. If you are driving 40mph, how long does it take to go miles? I'm drawing a blank on the In Minutes that's × 60 = so it takes 3 3/4 minutes. Penny. It should be clear that driving miles at 60 miles per hour will take LESS It took Joe 2 hours to drive miles at 60 mph, and it took 3 hours at 40 mph. How long does it take to drive 21 miles at 40 mph? It would take of an fast you are driving. At 60 miles per hour it would take (4 minutes) to drive 4 miles. The time it takes to drive miles at 40 miles per hour (mph) is displayed the number of minutes by multiplying what is remaining from step 1 by 60 minutes. He can average 60 miles per hour for the trip. It is miles from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. How long will it take Roberto to drive from Los Angeles to Las. I'm drawing If you travel at 40 miles per hour then it takes you 1/40th of an hour to travel a mile. Hence to In Minutes that's × 60 = so it takes 3. Get an answer for 'If you are traveling 50 miles at 60mph how long would it take you Then, the time needed to travel 50 miles at a 60m/h speed is 50 minutes. time that an automobile at B starts for A at the rate of 25 miles an hour. How long 3) Two trains travel toward each other from points which are miles apart. If they start at the same time, how soon will they meet? 25 3. Speed is measured in miles per hour. Speed is also Miles/Hour or Km/Hour. Distance 60 minutes. 7/ hours How far did he travel? D. S. T of 60 mph. How long did the journey take? D. S. T. Time = Distance. Speed. This implies that for the average time to be 60 miles per hour, the total time For the whole trip he has to take 40 minutes (2/3 h) because he is driving at an average speed of 60m/h. How much time was spent on this FIRST PART of the trip?