Holiday and your oldtimer

For almost everyone the holiday has started again. Especially for you as owner of a beautiful oldtimer this is often the ideal opportunity to enjoy the nice weather and to drive a lot. It is of course nice if the weather is a bit wrong, until now the summer is a bit disappointing with lots of wind and rain …

Ensure your oldtimer in the right way

With the summer weather it is of course ideal to get your oldtimer from the barn and go on tour with it. There are not many nicer things than to make a nice trip with your own oldtimer on a summer day through the Netherlands. Or maybe you are going abroad with the oldtimer? Needless to say, the old-timer is a valuable asset that you are very careful with. It is therefore very important that you insure the oldtimer with a good old-time insurance. Of course you do not have to make a mistake while driving in the oldtimer, but another road user can also make a mistake and possibly cause damage.

With a good old-age insurance, these damages are covered and can be repaired through the insurance. A second advantage of good old-age insurance is that most insurers also have roadside assistance. Should you unexpectedly experience a mechanical defect during a journey in the Netherlands or even abroad, with the result that you can not drive any further. Then a simple phone call to your insurer where the old-timer is insured is sufficient to ensure that you get replacement transport to get home. In addition, the oldtimer is also neatly picked up and taken to a garage for repair.

Choose the right old-timer insurance

It is therefore important that you properly insure your oldtimer to be covered against all kinds of defects or damage. You can find an overview of the best-known Dutch insurers that also have an insurance package especially for the old-timer on the page Comparing the old-timer insurance. Here you can find exactly the details of the old-age insurance from various insurance companies. For more information, you can also visit the insurer’s website directly via the link for all information about the old-age insurance policy offered.

Make sure your oldtimer is insured in the right way, so you can enjoy many hours of driving fun without worries!