Gio Old-time insurance

You can also go to Gio Adviesgroep to take out a old-age insurance policy, as well as offering a specific old-age insurance policy in addition to a wide range of different types of insurance. You can close a Gio Oldtimer insurance for your oldtimer or classic car, but also for a classic moped, motorbike, delivery van and truck.

What types of old-age insurance are there at Gio?

It is possible at Gio to take out a old-timer insurance for both hobby and daily use of your oldtimer. To start insuring your oldtimer when you use this hobby.

If this form of insurance would be taken out, it is first required that you have a second car. This car must function as your actual car with which you, for example, drive to work or do your shopping. The premium for this old-age insurance with Gio is a fixed amount per month. Unfortunately, it is difficult to give an example of the premium rate. But if you want to know more about this, you can easily request a price yourself via the Gio website, click here .

If, however, you drive your old-timer as a fixed vehicle for daily traffic such as your work, you automatically fall into the so-called bonus / malus rate with the Gio old-timer insurance. Here you can drive up to 20,000 km per year with the old-timer. A nice additional advantage is that you can get a no-claim discount at Gio that can reach as much as 75%.

Other benefits of the old-timer insurance at Gio

Besides that the old-age insurance with Gio has two types of premiums, insuring Gio has a few other nice advantages. First of all, the old-timer insurance fits very well with the requirements of the FEHAC (Federation of Historical Automobile and Motorcycle Clubs). So your classic car is also insured during club days or a rally against damage or accidents.

Furthermore, Gio offers a special collective discount for all types of oldtimers that you could insure with this party. This collective discount can be up to 30%. This can make a big difference to your premium if you own several old timers and insure them all at Gio.

For abroad Gio has the “always back” guarantee, this guarantee means that in case of breakdown abroad, you and the oldtimer always come back to the Netherlands. Please note that this warranty is included with the wa + and full hull.

Finally, there are special coverings for Gio old-timer insurance, such as fire. This can of course be very useful during a repair period.