Europeesche Verzekeringen

It is possible to insure your old-timer with a special old-age insurance with the Europeesche Verzekeringen. This can be done quickly and easily directly via the website. The website looks well-organized and all important information about insuring the oldtimer can be found with a single click. For example, it is very easy to read the policy conditions first, for example, or to look up some extra information.

On the website you can easily calculate the premium that should be paid for the old-age insurance with the Europeesche Verzekeringen. This makes it easy to compare on the internet between the various providers of these insurance policies.

Taking out old-age insurance with Europeesche Verzekeringen certainly offers a number of advantages. This insurance company strives to be as customer friendly as possible towards its new or existing customers. As can also be seen on the website, they have received the Customer-oriented Insurance Quality Mark (KKV). Also, the average customer rating is 7.5. A good score indicating that a good client-oriented treatment may be expected.

This leads to a number of advantages, both financially and in service, which you can profit from if you take out a old-age insurance policy for your oldtimer. But what does Europeesche insurance offer for benefits? We have listed this for you:

  • Extra cheap summer rate;
  • Free assistance throughout the Netherlands;
  • Extra discount of 10% if member of FEHAC;
  • Insurance for recreational use, so extra low premium;
  • The less you drive, the less premium you pay.

In addition to these additional benefits, it is possible to have telephone contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Very nice when you have questions or unexpectedly need the help of the insurance company in case of breakdown, an accident or damage. It is nice to know that contact can always be sought in these cases.

There are three points to take into account when you take out a old-age insurance with this company. First of all, it is important that you use the classic car in a recreational way. You must also be in possession of a second car for daily use. This will also be controlled by the company. Finally, you can drive up to 10,000 kilometers per year with the old-timer.

If you meet the above conditions, then taking out old-age insurance with the Europeesche Verzekeringen is a very good option. They offer one of the cheapest old-age insurance policies, with good service and conditions.

See below also a screenshot of the website of the Europeesche Verzekeringen: