Compare old-time insurance

On this page you will find an overview of different companies that offer a special old-timer insurance in addition to the regular car insurance. Securing your old-timer as a regular car is often much more expensive than if you were to take out a old-age insurance policy. This way you can save a lot of money on the insurance costs of your oldtimer.

When you click on one of the links of the various insurance companies you can find comprehensive information about insuring your oldtimer. So you can easily compare different companies and you do not have to search the entire web in search of insurance companies where you can insure your oldtimer.

Europeesche Verzekeringen

It is possible to insure your old-timer with a special old-age insurance with   the Europeesche Verzekeringen. This can be done quickly and easily directly via the website … [ Read more ]

Unive old-time insurance

In addition to the regular car insurance, Unive also offers a vintage insurance policy  in the form of a “Classic insurance policy  “. Here you can take advantage of your oldtimer … [ Read more ]

Diks Oldtimer insurance

The insurance company Diks offers besides the usual insurances for vehicles including a special old-timer insurance   . What is already striking here is that … [ read more ]

Meeùws Old-time insurance

The insurance company Meeùs also offers old-age insurance in addition to regular car insurance   . This allows you to economically insure your oldtimer or classic … [ read more ]

Gio Old-time insurance

You can also go to Gio Adviesgroep to take out a old-age insurance policy, as well as offering a wide range of different types of insurance specific oldtimer … [ more ]